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Camp 2022

Jay Shree Swaminarayan

We are pleased to announce SSTW Summer Camp is back, with new dates for 2022, new venue & new structure including an fun filled Open Day for all the campers & their family to enjoy - just like the good ole days hey!

New Dates for Camp 22:
New dates to be announced soon via our Temple social channels

If you have already registered and paid for the postponed 2020 Camp, re-registration or repayment for next year will not be necessary, your payment & booking confirmation will carry over automatically. If for any reason you are unable to attend the new 2022 dates, then we will issue a full refund (please communicate with the contacts listed below).

If you feel you need to change any details e.g. addresses or contact information, please inform the contacts and procedures will be handled accordingly.

We also have a few more spaces open for anyone new wanting to sign up - first come first serve. Please register using the button below.

Please be sure to follow us on our social media platforms for further updates over the coming weeks & months. If you have any thoughts or concerns, please feel free to contact the volunteer contacts below, email us or engage with us on social media.

Vanisha Virji – 07853085051

Vikesh Hirani - 07790800070

With best wishes,

Shree Swaminarayan Temple Willesden



Campers will have access to a variety of fun activities whether their interest is athletic, competitive sports, or creative arts. The program emphasises recognition of the skills and abilities that campers bring with them and development of these inherent gifts and Talents. We also focus on the abilities that campers are unaware of, allowing them to grasp knowledge of something new and exciting.

Team Sports
Campers will participate daily in team sports such as football tournaments, cricket, and rounders which will all encourage teamwork and sportsmanship. To further enhance co operation amongst the campers they will be able to participate in It’s-Knock-Out & treasure hunts

Each group are given a kirtan, where they have to perform live in front of thier fellow campers. This is an opportunity to express themselves by learning to project their voice and creativity in front of an audience, developing confidence and working with others to create entertainment and art.

Campers are given the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their creativity skills by producing their own master pieces using decorative materials and paints. This year we will be asking campers to re-create a Manifestation of a Legend. The Campers will Exhibit Backdrops of holy cities, advise on the reasons why they are holy and use their imaginations to express the legend in their own unique way.

Yoga, as a form of relaxation, is used to calm the mind, body and soul, also very fun to participate in and will help warm up the body positively. It will be incorporated in the morning sessions to revitalise and charge our happy campers, ready for the day ahead. In Addition, the yoga activities will help the campers to relax and bring peace to their mind, enabling them to gather their thoughts and feelings.

Evening Quizzes/Games
The day ends with night time entertainment with games such as Indoor Olympics, a Question of Sport and much much more.



We are offering campers over the age of 8 years the chance of building friendships in our community, to laugh and play as well as be fully entertained during the school holidays. Our multi activity camp combines sport, the arts, drama as well as spiritual education into a fun fuelled programme designed to get the best out of your child.

If your child loves filling their days with non stop energy, laughter, creativity and  time with friends, then we bet they’ll have a fantastic time at SSTW Camp!

We offer a great range of exciting activities in surroundings with fantastic facilities and a high ratio of children to friendly, enthusiastic volunteers. With the combination of the great outdoors and the amazing team atmosphere, campers will have great fun getting fully involved with other youngsters of a similar age.

Why SSTW Camp
SSTW Camp has been providing an outdoor, environmental, adventure and spiritual program for boys and girls since 2001. Classic camp activities in a serene, undeveloped setting allow children to get first hand experience of the beauty and fragility of our natural world. SSTW Camps promote the practice of concepts of conservation, responsibility and stewardship through traditional camp activities.

Leaving the daily distractions of technology, media and commerce behind, campers learn to find entertainment in simpler, self powered pleasures. Be it through participating in sports, cooking, singing, unleashing their imagination through artistic workshops or learning to wear a dhoti for morning pooja, the kids will never get bored and will leave with skills more developed than when they arrived.

By stepping out on their own, the campers encounter challenging experiences in a supportive, group environment. They will learn to build relationships, share adventures, build confidence, develop soft skills such as teamwork, networking and articulation as well as taking on responsibility within the group environment. This allows them to:

Develop Independence - our campers lay out their own sleeping bag, choose their own activities and decide how to spend their free time. They are encouraged to think for themselves, making their own decisions. As always camp volunteers are around to offer encouragement, suggestions and guide our campers in making their choices.

Increase Self-Esteem - the camp is a place where positive qualities and attitudes are constantly stressed and emphasised. Campers are encouraged and supported to take risks, set goals and try new activities as well as overcome challenges.

Be Themselves - there are no social pressures at camp, only encouragement and positive reinforcement. They are encouraged to develop and strengthen their unique qualities that make them the wonderful and unique individuals that they are.

Make New Friends - making friends is one of the easiest things to do at camp. Your child is surrounded by other campers, who want to do the same things as your child does, while having as much fun as possible!

Learn - your child has the opportunity to experience various activities and games. They have the chance to develop the social skills that will stand them in good sted in the future, whether at school, college, University or in their working life. They will learn, develop, create, discover and encounter new adventures pursuing them both personally and as part of a team.

Health & Safety

Whilst life at camp is very much aimed at having fun; supervision, security and safety are also an integral part of our 24-hour daily operation.

Please note: No campers are allowed to leave the camp site without their parents or guardians consent.

Night time security
A key part of our Group leaders' role is to get all our campers to go to bed – which is sometimes easier said than done! Just before ‘lights out’ has been called, the Group leaders will encourage and reassure the anxious, high-spirited to settle down and continue their vigil until all is quiet. Our night duty rota ensures that a member of staff can be contacted at any time throughout the night in the marquee.

All campers enjoy a selection of high and low energy activities, depending on their age and ability. Daily activity programmes are designed to cater for younger campers' needs for guidance and supervision, whilst accommodating older campers' desire for self-expression and the freedom to choose. We offer a large variety of activities on a daily basis and together with a full evening entertainment programme. All activities are supervised by our trained and highly experienced group leaders.

We have a team of fully qualified First Aiders. All medication that children bring with them is stored in a secure area. Please make sure any medication is given to a volunteer on the first day of registration, clearly labelled with instructions.

Prior to camp every parent is required to note down any medical requirements on the application form which are completely confidential. We feel we can deal with almost anything as long as we are forewarned.

In the event of an emergency we have contact with local doctors that are also registered with all local hospitals. If a child is taken to see a Doctor or to the Hospital for any reason, parents/guardians are notified as soon as possible.

Information for Campers

More information to follow


SSTW Camp 2022 will be held at a new location this year. 
Academy St Albans
London Colney